Section 4 –DENTISTRY


Moderators:  Prof. dr. Mariana Păcurar, Prof. dr. Szekely Melinda

Secretary: PhD student: Vlad Golu


14.00-14.20 Marton Krisztina (HU) - "Oral health-awareness of hungarian patients compared to other european countries"

14.20-14.40  Prof. dr. Mariana Păcurar – "Modern methods of imaging evaluation during the orthodontic treatment in adults"


15.00 – 17.30 Prezentări orale / Oral communications:


Medication related peri mandibular fistula - case report

Vlad Golu


Effects of psychiatric drugs on xerostomia and saliva secretion

Kovács Alexandra


Effect of smoking intensity on whole and minor saliva secretions

Démeter Tamás


Inter- and intra-operator reliability of surface roughness measurements of dental materials

Dudás Csaba


A clinical statistical study about the use of corticotomy in orthodontics

Irinel Panainte