Section 6 –HISTORY

Section 6 – ISTORIE/HISTORY Sala R 30,  Str. Nicolae Iorga nr. 1

Moderators: Prof.dr. Cornel Sigmirean, Conf.dr. Giordano Altarozzi

Secretary: PhD student: Șerbănat (Țibuleac) Anda-Florina

1200 – 1400  Oral communications


Ioan Gherasim, a Life in Suffering for an Ideal

Berar Antoniu Ioan


 From the First Writings to the Appearance of the First School Manuals

Ciula Cristian - Ioan


Venice and Transylvania in the International Context of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Cosma Luigi


Aspects Regarding the Attempts of the Romanian Clergy in Motivating the Romanian Soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Army During the First World War

Farcas Ciprian


Arlus - Approach to the Soviet People. Culture in the First Years of Communism in a Locality in Transilvania

Milășan (Berar) Marcela


Occultism and Roma Alterity

Puia Ecaterina


Under the Education Ethos: School for the Romanians in Transylvania in the 19th Century

Șerbănat (Țibuleac) Anda-Florina


The Second Greek-Catholic Curacy of the Seculy

Tătar Emil